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Bringing carers and the carers service together as expert partners to ensure carers needs, wishes and feelings are at the heart of everything we do

Who are Carers?

A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help. Taking on a caring role can be very rewarding in many cases and with the right support carers can continue caring for many years. However, caring can lead to carers facing a life of poverty, isolation, frustration, ill health and depression. Many carers also work and are trying to juggle jobs alongside undertaking a caring role; whilst others give up an income, future employment prospects and pension rights.  If unsure of whether you are a carer or not, we operate an ‘open door’ policy, so even if you enquire about our service but find it is not for you, we will do our very best to signpost you to the correct services.

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