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Carers generic support group

The Carers support group is led by Irene Moss and Jessica Iliffe

The aim of this group is to support both present and former carers; a place where the carers can support, share and learn from each other. This group also supports the overall service by acting as a working group in that it helps to raise the awareness of carers and also supports through discussing particular areas of concern for carers within the group; this can provide valuable information for dealing with the issue and provides guidance in regards to future developments of the service.

The group also plan events and activities for themselves to ensure there is a social aspect.

Regular updates in regards to the carers support group’s progress and outcomes will be available from April 2015

Dates and times of the meetings

  • Guest Speakers: Mrs. Christine Parkinson will be at our meeting on 29th September to give us one of her interesting talks relating to local history.
  • Our meeting on 27th October will be a sale of Body Shop products at discount prices. This is an open event and all are welcome to come and enjoy the benefit of the price reductions.
  • We have planned a visit to Botany Bay for Christmas Shopping on 10th November, This is a “Group only” activity, funded by our Members, for which the coach is already booked.
  • During our monthly meeting on the 24th November we plan to make Christmas cards.

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