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Bringing carers and the carers service together as expert partners to ensure carers needs, wishes and feelings are at the heart of everything we do

How we help

  • One to one support with carers adviser for 6 weeks plus ongoing support for as long as you need it, including activities and carer groups support, i.e. BME; Drugs and Alcohol; Parent carers; M/H as below
  • Several bilingual speaking staff
  • We support your needs, wishes and feelings as a part of intervention for moving forward using a holistic tool that looks at all areas of life where carers could be impacted through a caring role: The tool we use is Carers outcomes Star – which looks at 8 areas of where carers can be impacted through their caring role
  • Ensure carers have a voice, are heard, and their needs, wishes and feelings are addressed alongside the cared for.
  • Activities and events including therapeutic support
  • Opportunity to apply for a Carers respite grant – these grants can  support a carer to have a break away from their caring role (conditions apply) – please see the LINKS section or ask at reception
  • Signposting/strong partnership working to enable early help and whole family working
  • Training and courses, i.e. Coping strategies, confidence building, IT.
  • Support with any financial issues including support with completing benefit forms etc.
  • An opportunity to visit Your Support Your Choice – this is a service funded by BwD borough, of which, also provides a number of services and resources that may be useful and beneficial to carers.
  • Life after caring – A support service for carers experiencing recent loss; who may be needing further support due to caring for a loved one who has terminal illness or whereby a cared for may be going into residential care. This involves looking at areas of the carer’s life where they need to re-establish themselves after caring, and provides support to enable them to do so.

  • Quarterly newsletter with up to date information in regards to carers: within the Carers service, locally and nationally.
  • Counselling sessions with fully trained counsellors where a need has been identified
  • Therapeutic services such as massage, pamper days, confidence building
  • Emergency card scheme – this service provides carers with a card that they can keep on them, and in the case of an emergency with the carer, any support services such as an ambulance would know that the person that they are with may need support themselves, for example, someone with Alzheimer’s a young person with a learning disability
  • Support with gaining employment, volunteering opportunities, training and education choices
  • Individual and group information sessions on welfare rights, benefits, disability rights etc
  • Exceptional knowledge and experience on carer’s rights and on what the roles and responsibilities of other services have to services have to carers – including employers –  Please see downloads/links section
  • Our charity shop – next door to Marks and Spencers on King William Street – this helps to raise funds for the service, and subsequently our carers.


  • Parent carers group – This is a support and action group for parent carers and carers of people with learning and physical disabilities.
  • Drug and alcohol group – support to reduce impact upon a carer or family member who supports or is concerned about someone with drug and/or alcohol issues.
  • Sewing and craft groups – provides respite and time out from caring roles
  • Mental ill health support group – supports carers who care for a family member with mental health issues or disabilities
  • Asian carers group – supporting Asian carers where language may be a barrier
  • Carer’s Group leads forum – The aim of the forum is to develop awareness of carers with Blackburn with Darwen in order to ensure that carers are fully consulted and that their needs, wishes and feelings are recognised and reflected in the future development and activities of BwD Services.
  • Male carers group – This group enables males to come together for support and to support each other.
  • Walking and cycling groups

Please note: this list is far from exhaustive as we practice what we preach: we consult with carers and develop services based on their needs, wishes and feelings.

Please go to the Activities and Events page for times and dates of all groups

Please note: this list is far from exhaustive as we practice what we preach: we consult with carers and develop services based on their needs, wishes and feelings.

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