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Bringing carers and the carers service together as expert partners to ensure carers needs, wishes and feelings are at the heart of everything we do

What else we offer

  1. Newsletters with up to date information in regards to carers within the Carers service, locally and nationally
  2. Counselling sessions with fully trained counsellors where a need has been identified
  3. Therapeutic services such as massage, pamper days, confidence building
  4. BwD Carers Emergency Card – this service provides carers with a card that they can keep on them, and in the case of an emergency with the carer, any support services such as the ambulance service would know that the person that they are with may need support themselves, for example, someone with Alzheimer’s or a young person with a learning disability
  5. Support with gaining employment, volunteering opportunities, training and education choices
  6. Individual and group information sessions on welfare rights, benefits, disability rights etc.
  7. Exceptional knowledge and experience on carer’s rights and on what the roles and responsibilities of other services have to services have to carers – including employers – Please see downloads/links section

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