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Bringing carers and the carers service together as expert partners to ensure carers needs, wishes and feelings are at the heart of everything we do

Full Carers Package

  1. One to one support with carers adviser for 12 weeks plus carer groups support, i.e. Black and Minority Ethnic (BME), Mental Health (M/H); Drugs and Alcohol; Parent carers; Male carers; Alzheimer’s; Stroke group etc.
  2. Several bilingual speaking staff
  3. We support your needs, wishes and feelings as a part of intervention for moving forward using a holistic tool that looks at all areas of life where carers could be impacted through a caring role: The tool we use is Carers outcomes Star
  4. Ensure carers have a voice, are heard, and their needs, wishes and feelings are addressed alongside the cared for
  5. Activities and events including therapeutic support
  6. Opportunity to apply for a Carers respite grant – these grants can  support a carer to have a break away from their caring role (conditions apply)
  7. Signposting/strong partnership working to enable early help and whole family working
  8. Training and courses, i.e. Coping strategies, confidence building, Information Technology (IT)
  9. Early help initiatives, for example, Life after caring
  10. Support with any financial issues including support with completing benefit forms etc.
  11. An opportunity to visit Care Network Hub – this is a service funded by BwD borough, of which, also provides a number of services and resources that may be useful and beneficial to carers.
  12. Life after caring – A support service for carers experiencing recent loss; who may be needing further support due to caring for a loved one who has terminal illness or whereby a cared for may be going into residential care. This involves looking at areas of the carer’s life where they need to re-establish themselves after caring, and provides support to enable them to do so

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