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Support with employment

Many carers are  in the dark about options for working, education and volunteering. Becoming a carer does not necessarily mean you have to give up work. Employers have a duty to consider flexible and other adjustments. And, often earnings can be combined with income from benefits to minimise the financial impact of caring. You might also be interested in finding out what training opportunities there are for you, especially if you are considering entering the job market after a long time spent in caring for someone.

The Carers Service provides free confidential benefits and employment advice and support sessions for carers. We will look at your circumstances and find out if there is anything you are missing out on. If there is we will help you with all the phone calls and paperwork. We can also help you with your work options and explore  volunteering and training options with you.

Our regular sessions are every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Carers Centre in Blackburn. If you can’t get to our office we may be able to arrange to visit you at home. And if you have work or similar commitments that mean you can’t get to see us during office hours, we can arrange a meeting at a time that is convenient to you.

Carers Rights at Work

When you are a working carer you have many rights at work including the following:

  1. Right to flexible working
  2. Time off in emergencies
  3. Right to parental leave (unpaid) when looking after a disabled child
  4. Protection against discrimination or harassment because of you caring responsibilities

There is more information on your rights at work at the following website:

We at the Carers Service have helped working carers as the case studies below show.

Case Study One: One of our carers was returning to work from maternity leave and we helped her to apply for a get reduced hours.

Case Study Two: One of our carers was offered extra hours at work but was concerned about the effect that any extra earnings would have on her benefits. We looked at the various options to make sure that she chose the hours that were most beneficial to her.

If you would like to talk to an adviser about your rights at work feel free to get help. See the Contact Us page for details of how to get in touch with me

Jim Dickson

Benefit and Employment Adviser



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