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Learning Disabilities Carers Group


Blackburn with Darwen Learning Disabilities Partnership Board (LDPB)

Blackburn with Darwen Partnership Board meets every two months to talk about opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities.  Its job is to make sure that things get better for people with learning disabilities in Blackburn with Darwen, to make carers lives better and to make services better too.

In the past, carers participated by attending the Board meetings to have a say in how services should be made better.  However, there have been changes to the LD Board with the aim to include more people with learning disabilities and enable them to run future board meetings.  The overall objective of the LD board is to ensure other board members like social services, health, education, housing, community development, leisure, independent providers and employment services are more accountable to people with learning disabilities.  Therefore it has been decided that Carers should have a separate group of their own so they can discuss key issues that are important to them.

It is widely recognised that carers have a very important role because they know what it is like to care for someone with a learning disability, so it is important that we listen to what carers have to say.  With this in mind we have set up a Carers subgroup that will meet at the Carers Service to discuss the key issues that matter to you.  A representative from the Carers subgroup will attend the LDPB every two months to respond to the LD’s agenda but also to present the views of carers.

For further information please contact Yasmin on 01254 688440.  You can also go on the Learning Disability Partnership Board Website for more information.

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