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Blackburn with Darwen Carers Service – Carers Survey Sept 2015 

CARERS SURVEY Sept 15 Results


Carers Activities Consultation April – June 2015

The consultation took place between April 2015 – June 2015.  102 questionnaires were completed.  The following questions were asked:

What type of activities are you interested in?

Day Trips (incl theatre) 98
Relaxation e.g. Spa Days 87
First Aid Courses 4
IT Classes 2
Crafts 26
Walking/Physical exercise 34
Cooking 29
Baking 34
Social Activities e.g. Cinema 38
Work Related Training 5
Support Groups 54
Overnight Breaks 73
Men’s Activities 3
Other 6










What time of day can you attend?

During the day between 9am- 5pm 45
During the day between 9am – 3pm 41
Evenings 5
Weekends 2


What is your employment status?

Unemployed 78
In Work 12
Are you a parent carer 47
Do you care for an older person 34
Are you looking for work 2


What is your age?

Between 18 – 25 4
Between 25 – 45 39
Between 45 – 65 41
Over 65 9


What do you get from participating in an activity?

Respite 83
Socialising 53
Finding information 48
Finding a hobby 39
Building confidence 42
Building skills 29
Support 54
Enabling Physical & Mental Wellbeing 76


Are you satisfied with the activities provided by the Carers Service?

Very satisfied 69
Satisfied 21
Not satisfied 0


Other Suggestions included:

More day trips

Spa Rereat

Family Trips

Evening out occasionally dinner/dance

Social events.



I gathered from talking to carers and from the questionnaires, that activities which provided respite such as days out and relaxation were more popular, I did speak to men and I gathered that men were not really interested in any activities which we provided.   They either attended with their partner or wished not to attend.  The majority of people participating in activities are aged between 45 – 65; this reflects the caseload of carers on the data base.

The main reason for carers attending activities is to get respite, build confidence and get information and support.

On the whole carers are satisfied with the level of activities provided.  The main disappointment for carers is not being able to get onto activities, however all those surveyed had managed to get onto at least one activity during the last year.



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