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Outcomes for carers

Betty’s story


Case Study 1  – Life After Caring

Attending life after caring was very daunting as I feel very uncomfortable in a room with lots of people but I was reassured prior to the course that the numbers would be limited and that there would be someone there to meet me.

The course gave me time and space to explore my feelings regarding my loss and also a chance to look forward.

I was challenged gently about some of my fears and how I might overcome them.

I have faced some of those fears in small steps for example I can now go on a coach trip with a friend which I would not do prior to the course.

I feel more confident and hopeful for the future.

Case Study 2 – Life after Caring

The Life after caring course helped my personal development by allowing me to assess my feelings after my Mother passed away in September 2013.

Having been a fulltime carer since 1994 you can become isolated from mainstream society; life appears to pass you by during the years of caring.

I needed something to help me to rebuild my self-confidence and help me to believe in my own abilities.

The Life after Caring course has allowed me to reawaken my intellectual and creative abilities that had been dormant during my caring role. The course was a real boost to my self-confidence and self-esteem and my enthusiasm for life came back.

Leaving a caring role and returning to a normal life brings many complex problems.

Having a course that can make sense of the way your life has changed can be of enormous benefit.

Part of the course concentrated on developing new coping strategies around stress and grief and although it was not a bereavement course it still helped me with my feelings of loss..

Information and networking were also methods that were used effectively to help me to normalise my life after leaving my caring role.

The course encouraged me to move forward and try to explore new opportunities and I now volunteer for the Carers Service in various roles. Giving something back to society by helping others also improved my self-worth. In volunteering I have explored new skills and seen my own abilities flourish and in helping others there is a positive impact on my own self confidence.

The life after caring course is a real bridge for vulnerable former carers who need help to reconnect with the rest of society and to re-establish as a person in their own right.


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