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Volunteering stories

Inspiring stories from Carers and Volunteers working with and for the Carers Service:

Martins story,

I thought I would drop you an email because all too often we forget to thank people and I thought it would be nice for you to read a positive story of how BwD Carers Service as helped me. Over the years on a personal level the service has helped me a great deal with invaluable support as I am a carer to my eldest daughter.  This has been especially true over the last few years following a severe stroke and spinal problems.  When you are caring for others and also needing to really take care of yourself at the same time then it can be tough.  Unable to work for a period of time after my own illnesses raised it’s own problems.  Volunteering for the carers service helped me to stay focused and assisted me with my studies in Information Advice and Guidance. So the good news is that all the help and support over the many years I have been involved with the service has really paid off for me.  My recovery is ongoing, my eldest will soon be moving up to high school and I have completed my IAG Level 4 as well as securing a position with an organisation, who have themselves supported me in the past.  A big thank you to you and your team and especially Christine, Vicky, Kulsum, Carol, Yasmin and Jim who have all helped me in some way along my journey. My next step is to support those facing different barriers into employment in their journey back into work.  Caring responsibilities can definitely be one of those barriers, often alongside others.  I would like to continue to work together to support clients with caring responsibilities by signposting to your service where required



May I introduce Damian Timperley, a volunteer  working with

Christine on the Service Development side of the business.

Here is what Damian has to say:

I began working with BwD Carers Service in late January ’17, volunteering 2 mornings a week to help with 6 projects including raising our social media platform.  I wanted to volunteer  as over the past couple of years, I have had to come to terms with my own disabilities and wanted to feel like a worthwhile member of the community again.  I found this in abundance within the warm, friendly atmosphere that surrounds me the minute I walk through the front doors.



Meet Julie McIntyre

Hi for anyone who does not know me, and lots do as I have been a carer for many years now and involved with the carers service for much of that time, my name is Julie McIntyre and I care for my 23 year old son Elliot who has severe learning difficulties combined with some other complex needs. I now volunteer for the carers service and enjoy my roles as it enables me to be ‘Julie’ for a time and not just Elliot’s mum and carer (I by no means say this disrespectfully to my son as I will always care for him and love him unconditionally) I volunteer by working in the charity shop which is varied and involves sorting stock, pricing items, ensuring the shop floor is at its best and displayed nicely as well as offering good customer service.

My other role is within the Your Support Your Choice offices. This is a ‘drop in’ session on Tuesday mornings 10 am till 11.30 am for anyone who is a carer to call in and ask for any information or support. Or indeed to encourage anyone who may not realise they are actually a carer to get involved with the carers service.


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