Free Food to our Carers

Free Food for our Carers (remember to bring a carrier bag!)

We are really pleased to have been accepted as part of the FareShare food distribution scheme.  This means that our Carers can come and help themselves to free food.

FareShare receive food from supermarkets that would otherwise end up being thrown away.  It might be because the food is approaching the use-by date or because tins or cans are dented.  FareShare help this food to end up on people’s tables rather than being wasted.

We will have FareShare food available at Kingsway every Wednesday from 11 – 12pm starting from 4th August.  You are welcome to come and help yourself.  If you would like to leave a donation we will have collection boxes, but you are welcome to take food without leaving a donation.

What kind of food will we get?

This is a mystery and will be a surprise to us!  We hope to have fruit, vegetables, bakery products and perhaps some packets/jars of food, however, there’s no way of knowing what we will get as it all depends on the supermarkets!   (We won’t have chilled products as we don’t have fridges to store the food.) 

What do I need to do to be included in this?

Just turn up at Kingsway between 11-12pm on Wednesdays.  Bring a carrier bag!  (This is important as we won’t have any to give away.)  You might even need an egg box!

Let us know what you think

We would love to know what you think about this scheme, we welcome your feedback.  And if you want to send us a photo of your delicious meals, even better!

We will trial this for 8 weeks and see how it goes. 

So what next?

Bring your carrier bags along between 11-1pm on Wednesday 4th August, take some free food and let us know what you think!

And finally We’d like to say a massive thank you to a local business man, Daniel Fisher from Swift Website Builder who is sponsoring this project for 8 weeks.  Daniel has provided the funding so we can purchase the food from FareShare to give to you.

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