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Can a pet help someone with dementia?

Many people with dementia find their pet to be an invaluable support.  Their pet may provide them with a purpose and companionship.   However, there may be times a person with dementia struggles to look after their pet.  It can be difficult to know what is best.

According to there are a number of things to consider before adopting a pet for a person with dementia.  These are:

  1. Do they have mental capacity to decide if they want a pet or not?  In order to make this decision they will need to understand the commitment involved.
  2. Will the person be able to meet the needs of the animal?
  3. Some breeders, rescue centres and pet shops will be hesitant to sell a pet to someone with dementia.
  4. Not all people with dementia enjoy interacting with animals. Some may be afraid of animals or feel aggravated by them.
  5. Would the person benefit from semi-regular interactions with a pet.  Maybe visits from a friends or family members pet may be a good compromise

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