Emergency Planning

What would you do if you suddenly became so unwell that you were unable to provide support to the person you care for?

Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we received calls from carers who were instructed to self-isolate, which means that they were unable to do what they usually do for their loved ones.  Some of our carers have even been hospitalised. This has left some people in a really difficult situation.

It’s more important than ever to have an emergency plan. The government are recommending that every carer makes one.  Think of it as your ‘Plan B’; if you make the plan when you are well and have discussed it with people who can help you, it means than if you do become unwell your plans can be put into action.  Waiting until you become ill to try and figure out what needs to happen can add to your stress.

What sort of things go into the plan?

Think about:

  • name, address and contact details of the person you look after
  • who should be contacted in an emergency – friends, family or professionals?
  • any medication the person you look after is taking and where it is stored. A copy of their latest prescription could be kept with the plan
  • details of any allergies
  • details of their GP and pharmacy
  • any ongoing treatment they need
  • any care and support services they receive
  • anything behavioural others need to be aware of.

Having this important information in one place could be vital at a critical time. We can help you set up a plan and send you a copy (there is no charge for this.) 

Once you have your plan, talk about it with the person you care for, if possible, and also with those you would like to be named as emergency contacts. It might be useful to share it with trusted family members or friends and healthcare professionals. Give people a copy of the plan – or let them know where they can find it.

Some carers don’t have family and friends they can call upon in an emergency, but don’t worry; we can still help you to know what your options are.

We hope you’ll never need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you did.

Setting up a plan is easy and free!

We can help you figure out your plan, type it up for you and send you a copy.  There is no charge for this service.  To set one up, please contact us on 01254 688440.

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