Young Adult Carers

A Young Adult Carer is someone who’s aged between 16 – 25 who looks after a family member who may need support due to disability, addiction, a mental health condition or an illness.

We support carers over the age of 18.  The under 18’s can receive support from Child Action North West. You can see their website here:

We have an online learning platform for you to access information about looking after yourself and trying to juggle your demands.  Follow the link here, set up an account and you’re good to go:

As a Young Adult Carer you may be doing the following:

  • Helping with practical tasks such as cooking, shopping, childcare, taking a family member to important appointments, etc.
  • Helping with personal care such as bathing, showering, dressing or going to the toilet
  • Providing emotional support such as listening to someone when they are feeling alone or reassuring them when they feel frightened
  • Be responsible for the family finances and have the responsibility for paying bills

How might being a Young Adult Carer affect you?

We know that having a caring role means that it might be harder for you to do everything you would like to do.  It might mean you:

  • Have little time to socialise with your own friends and often miss opportunities to spend time away from the home
  • Stress and worry about leaving your family member on their own when you leave the house
  • Struggle with your own wellbeing
  • Have difficulties at work or in education due to having to take time off regularly
  • Struggle with your College or University workload
  • Struggle with the number of responsibilities you have
  • Have low confidence and self-esteem

How we support Young Adult Carers:

  • Provide one to one support
  • Benefits Advice
  • Group support
  • Events and trips out (eg. Alton Towers/Spa Days/Activity Days)
  • Workshops and courses (eg. Mindfulness/First Aid/ Manual Handling)
  • Counselling
  • Referrals to other agencies and services that can help you and your family
  • Provide training and volunteering opportunities


Some of our Young Adult Carers meet up to share their experiences, support others and have food and fun.

During these sessions:

  • Information is given e.g., about benefits, how to manage workload and a lot more
  • Workshops are provided
  • Experiences are shared
  • Sometimes, guest speakers are invited

The group is non-judgmental and very welcoming to all Young Adult Carers. For more information on the group please e-mail: or call 01254 688440.

Register with us

Or, if you would like to register as a Young Adult Carer, complete our referral form on our home page.

More Information:

If you would like further information, please contact Vicky Bentley using our Contact Us form.

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